Friday, August 17, 2012

On The Road

Today is Thursday, August 16 and we've made our way from Coos Bay, OR down the coast.  Oh what a beautiful stretch of coast line!!  I have to say that I do believe it's the best part of the OR coast! 

In Bandon, we stopped and had lunch at really cute Mom & Pop Bistro and then walked around a bit.  BUT, it was way too windy and cold even though it was sunny to really enjoy it.  Not the kind of weather I'm looking for on a consistent basis.

Along the way at our many stops to gaze upon the beauty, we met some travelers from Alaska and Australia.  Fascinating to hear other stories of travels!

Our home for the night was a fabulous place right on an estuary with the ocean just on the other side of the breakwater.  A terrific place with ALL of the elements that make me a super happy camper!!  Nice sized room, balcony overlooking the water and chairs to sit on while having a peaceful glass of wine with my beloved, a really good restaurant overlooking the water, as well.  Oh AND at a great price for "seniors".

I must say that I actually prefer the term "mature" adult but the country seems to have adopted "seniors".  But we will certainly take all the benefits that come along with it!!

Wednesday morning we awoke to beautiful sun, wonderful sounds from the ocean and fully refreshed to start our last leg to Bret & Lily's in Sebastapol, CA!!

Again, our trip continued to amaze us!!  Taking Hwy 101 south, we stopped to enjoy a herd of Elk and then for lunch and a driving tour of the historical Victorian homes in Eureka.  What a delightful town!!

The simple beauty of the Redwoods, a very windy twisting road from Hwy 101 to reach the coast on Hwy 1.  We followed Hwy 1 along the coast and stopped for drinks in Ft. Bragg at the North Coast Brewery.  Mike certainly enjoyed his Old Style, which can only be purchased there since they don't distribute it.

Since the time was getting short on when we said we would arrive at Bret & Lily's, we took a windy side road back to 101 and made it to their home by 8 pm.  Spent the evening catching up and a good time was had by all!

Thursday, August 16 was spent with Bret & Lily while they gave their Wine & Buggy Tour in the Alexander Valley.  This was our 3rd time being on the tour and it certainly didn't disappoint us!!  They have a beautiful pair of Belgian Draft Horses and covered buggy that just delights all who gaze upon it.  Three vineyards are toured and I mean we actually ride the buggy through the vineyards and get to taste the grapes right off the vine!! Yummmmm!! 

This time of year the grapes were beautiful and sweet!  And paired with the wine tasting, I was in seventh heaven and we were both a little loopy at the end!  So we did what we always do -- take a nap by the stream on a bench by the barn at Alexander Valley Winery.  Bret & Lily took care of the horses and cleaned up from the day while we recovered. 

So today, Friday August 17th, we're off to Healdsburg for some lunch and a party tonight.  Will let you know how much fun we know we're going to have later.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys... you were right where I went to High school at willies! That while Leggett down to sabastpol is my "old stomping grounds". Glad to read about all your adventures! Be safe. Mickey