Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Week of "Normal" Routine....

After all of the running around last week, we settled right into quite a nice "normal" routine. There were no tourist excursions, no major grocery shopping, no extensive travel plans to deal with - just a kick back week.  It started out with me hyper extending my left ankle so we used that as an excuse to lay low.

BUT, that doesn't mean we didn't do anything! Here's what our days are looking like - wake up to the sounds of howler monkeys playing and feeding in the trees, a quite morning of each of us reading and answering emails, my 2 cups of delicious Costa Rican coffee, Mike doing his ritual exercises, our reading the news on line, and my reading a bit of my book.

Then, a nice stroll across the street to the beach and a nice leisurely stroll in our bathing suits up and down the beach. Back for lunch and a bit more reading, a dip in the pool, a bit more reading, and every evening at 5:15pm with wine and beer in hand, we stroll back to the beach and watch the sunset.
Video of Parrots at sunset:

Video of Sunset:


After a nice BBQ meal of smoked sausage, chicken, or very thin, very tough steak along with a wonderful salad and a pasta of some sort, we decide how we're going to spend the evening. We watched the new Die Hard via DVD purchased on the sidewalks of San Jose one night, watched TV another, had our landlord over for dinner and great conversation (he's from Czechoslovakia originally, then to Canada, now lives in Houston but is here when his partner goes back to Canada). Or when we know there's going to be music we want to listen to, we go have a drink or 2 and listen to beautiful music at a beach side bar/restaurant.

We've met a very nice couple, Janet & Bill Wiggins, from Ohio that happened upon our place and we showed them around and invited them into our apartment to chat.  They are retired also, have a boat in Asia that they usually go to but decided last minute to come to Costa Rica to check out marinas here.  Met up with them again Wednesday evening where they are staying, Pasatiempo Hotel, for live music and drinks and then again on Thursday at The Beach Club for the Amigos.

It's been so nice to have a great kitchen and a community BBQ for cooking meals!!  This certainly gives us a sense of "home". And, nothing like beautiful FREE sunsets while drinking your own wine and beer. 

My ankle has been healing and I never did let it keep me from walking on the beach. Not over doing it and keeping it elevated have helped allot too.

The only other event that happened this week was that Mike took his wonderful camera for a swim in the pool - unknowingly, of course!  So despite his many rescue attempts with hair dryer, hot sun treatments, etc. the camera is not working. So until we get back to the states, our iPhone cameras will just have to be it.  A real shame since he's been learning all of the many fabulous features of this camera over our 9 month adventure.  So here we go again!

The week brought Mike an ear infection that we think is swimmer's ear in both ears.  His attempt to go see the doctor today failed because it was closed.  So we'll try a home remedy first to see if he really does need to go.

And, me, a disgruntled tummy. Going to try switching to bottled water to see if it makes a difference.  It doesn't mean the water is bad here, it just might not be acceptable to my tummy.  Haven't had these issues anywhere else we've been.

Our week ended yesterday with wonderful massages lying next to each other right on the beach with the sounds of the surf to help us drift away for an hour. Pure Bliss!!

I think the moral of the story this week is nothing is perfect and there's always a bit of bad even if there's a whole lot of good!!  And....ain't that the life!!??


susan said...

your descriptions take me right there! enjoy & be safe & healthy. did you hear bill & priscilla are returning to the states? xo s

Unknown said...

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