Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another FULL Week of Friends & Family !

So much fun with more friends and family!  There's not a whole lot to post that's going to appeal to most of my readers except to confirm that it's always fun to come "home" and visit with those you love and catch up on all our travel escapades.

After bidding our friends, Lily & Bret, goodbye on Wednesday last week, we headed out for the day to play some more in the wine country going to the Petrified Forest and Clos Padase winery along the way to the San Francisco airport where we were going to pick up our good friend, Erol.  He was arriving home from Taiwan after working there for a month. So nice of him to come home a day early so we could visit and stay with him for a couple of days!

During our time in San Mateo, we witnessed a huge house fire around the corner from Erol's the first night there. Quite the excitement! And, on Friday, we went played along the coast of Half Moon Bay. So much fun discovering a part of the coast we'd never been to!

On Saturday, off we went to drive south along 101 to meet up with family, Ross & Maureen McConnell, in Pasadena. We arrived in time to help with setting up for a birthday party for a friend of theirs. A great way to earn our keep for the night and enjoy a great party and meet new friends! Marc Troy come see us wherever anytime!

On Sunday we made our way further down the coast to Carlsbad, where more family and friends were waiting for our arrival. So since being here, we've been visiting with them and talking more about our adventure.  Janet & Dave White and Bear, their 4 lb yorkie that we dog sat for last year, greeted us "home" for the week. 

Sunday evening we were introduced to their friends, Miriam & Dennis Servetter, who wanted to hear all about our travels. A fun evening and a terrific brisket taco dinner! 

Yesterday was spent with family, which includes Mike's 95 year old Uncle! Such a delight that we were all together again this year!

And, today we met up with a Facebook friend, Robin Woods, face to face for the first time. Robin brought along her friends, Nancy & Nelson Thomas, who are considering a retirement in Costa Rica so we could share some of what we've learned with them.  It was a fabulous get together and I know we will always be in touch no matter where we all end up!!

We are certainly enjoying being able to share our stories and the knowledge that we have gained along the way! Passing it forward makes it so rewarding!

The rest of the week will be filled with catching up with friends we met in Pedasi, Panama and sailing the deep blue sea in San Diego Bay. So much fun!

Hoping the week is a good one for the rest of the world!!

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