Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Less than 2 Weeks Left in the States - WOW!!

We ended our Chicago visit with two more days of packed in fun!!

But while I was busy writing the blog last time, Mike, Michele, and Mo went for a terrific walk down to the Chicago River and park and just had to take many pictures to show how much fun they had!

A great evening with great friends, Bonnie & Jim Stepps!  I've known Bonnie for 31 years and she's a delight to have in my life!!  No matter how far apart we are physically in this world or how long it's been since we've seen each other, she's always been there for me and, I her. My BFF!!

Thank you both for letting us celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary with you!  Bummer, no pictures got taken of all of us because we were all enjoying the moment so much. 

A GREAT thing to do when in the Chicago area is to go to Morton Arboretum in the western suburb of Elmhurst. Having lived out that way in the early to mid 80's, this was always a highlight. And, it certainly didn't disappoint us this time. 

Michele, Mo, Mike & me headed west on Friday mid day and explored the wonderful gardens, walking trail around the lake and, the shrub maze before doing the driving tour through the 1,700 acres! Morton salt paid off! We love doing things like this and it's awesome when we can enjoy it with others!

Our flight to CT on Saturday was totally uneventful except for the huge drop in the air after taking off from Philadelphia. That was so unexpected but since we like roller coasters and zip lines, there was more thrill in the event than fear but I did grab Mike's leg pretty hard! LOL

Since being in CT, we've been just hanging out with the kids, Denise & Michael, and grand kids, Peter, Tim, and Maddox. We've gotten to watch Maddox's last 2 baseball playoff games, Maddox's birthday party, remedied some banking issues, helped a friend, Kevin Cashman, put in his new sliding door, had dinner with Mike's cousin, Thomas Keppler, at his home with some of his friends, but most of all just hung out around the pool!


This week is filled with more visits with family and friends AND the big event of Peter's graduation!

We're very close to securing our "home" in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for 5 months next winter!! Now that will be a true test of living in a foreign country. Since we already know the town and area well, we'll be very focused on getting to know people who live there. And, there's enough time to truly get involved and find out if we're as comfortable living there as we have been over the years of vacationing there. Certainly hope we have family and friends come visit!!

Happy Summer EVERYONE !!

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