Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our Time in CT, USA

Having already reported on our day's adventure into New York City to get our Mexican Permanent Residence Visa, I will give a brief overview of what our last 3 weeks have entailed while visiting family here in CT.  But first a few more photos of our NYC day trip.

NY fashion statement.

Times Square

The Intrepid.

Mike and I are both lucky to have relatives that live within a short distance from each other.  This certainly makes it nicer for getting the biggest bang for the buck on the airfare. 

Because we flew AeroMexico and it's partners, Delta and Alaska, our trip one way to CT and return Spokane to PV, it's considered a round trip keeping the cost down to about $600 each.  We will be flying South West from CT to Spokane, WA for only $244 each.  However, don't be fooled, returning to the US is quite an expensive venture even though we are great moochers on places to stay.

But it's certainly worth it to be with family!!  Seeing our 10 year old grandson play his heart out in competitive baseball games, being with him when he celebrates his 10th birthday with other boys during a pool party with a photo booth, watching him in his 4th grade "move up" celebration at school, getting lots of BIG hugs and kisses from our older 2 grandsons who are in high school and college, hanging out talking with them with real adult conversations, spending time with our daughter and son-in-law around the fire pit or lazing in the pool on a hot summer's day, going to Watch Hill, Rhode Island for a day of meandering in and out of shops and a couple of hours at the beach, visiting with cousins at their MA "Gingerbread" estate for a couple of days, and sharing a wonderful meal with cousins and aunt just high light a few of our memorable moments on this year's visit!!

Maddox got another hit!


4th grade class at Noah Wallace Elementary.

He's so handsome! 

Proud Grandma & her boy!

Proud parents, Denise & Michael!

Cousins, Denise & Dennis, in their MA home.

One of the silo suites at Santarella, Tyringham, MA.

The MA countryside.

Dennis & Mike went kayaking on the lake. 

I took quite a ride on the swing. Felt like a kid again!

Santarella Estates, Tyringham, MA.  A very historical location for events.

Hubby by the beautiful pond.

Having lunch on the patio of Chatterley's in New Hartford, CT.

Maddox's BD pool party.

Sugar fix anyone??

Me, Aunt Louise, smudged Mike, Tom, Mike, & Kathy.  Mike's cousins and Aunt.  Sorry for the smudged on the lens.  It has since been wiped clean.  We have lots of Mike's in our family on both sides!

A beautiful garden estate home in Avon, CT.  Couldn't resist taking pictures!

Other Mother-in-Law, Ginny, Denise, Michael & Me by the fire pit.

Grand Dogs, Maci & Guinness.  Wonderful boxers !!

Main Street, Watch Hill, MA.
Yacht Club

Olympia Tea House for lunch.

Historic Ocean House hotel.

Gorgeous beach time!

Watch Hill lighthouse

Denise, Me, & Tom (Mike's cousin).

Nice swing!

Quite the storm arriving!

Nasty clouds that brought high winds & torrential rains.
Our final weekend was spent having a pool party bbq with family and friends followed by fantastic fireworks at the park.  Both of these were postponed a day because of a rainy day on the 4th.  Thankfully, the 4th was a Friday so it wasn't a huge issue to postpone.

The immediate family: Peter (18 & Sophomore in college), Maddox (10 & 5th grade), Michael (Son-in-law), Mike, Me, Denise (daughter), & Tim (16 & a high school Senior).

The group waiting for darkness & fireworks.

Stanley Park, New Britain, CT

The boys had a pick up football game while waiting for fireworks & darkness.

On Tuesday, our US visit continues by flying to Spokane, WA for our final 3 weeks.  Excited to see and visit with many more family and friends.

So here's hoping you all had a wonderful Independence Day and appreciate the true spirit of what it has meant for all of us USA citizens!  And to my large Canadian contingent of friends, hope you all had a great Canada Day on July 1st !!

Continue to have a fabulous summer everyone and thanks for following along on our journey!