Tuesday, February 12, 2019

BUDGET UPDATE - January, 2019

2019 came in with a roar! Time in Paradise is amazing!

As a brief explanation for any new folks that might be reading this blog. Mike & I decided to call Puerto Vallarta, MX our home after living in 5 other Latin American countries and 11 towns/villages. (You can read all about our journey by going to the Archives listed on the bottom right of the blog page.) It's now been 5 full years, as of December 15, 2018, that we have lived here.

The posted budget/expenditures are for 2 people and are reflected in US Dollars, since that's the method we get paid in.

As of September 1, 2017, we moved up the hill into Amapas into a condo complex with 11 units and larger pool.  We more than doubled our space and our view increased 1000%. It's a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, fully furnished, with a very large outdoor terrace. We now pay rent in pesos, so our rent fluctuates monthly based on the bank exchange rate with the US Dollar.

As of our renewal lease on September 1, 2018, our rent of 18,000 pesos/month does not include internet, cable TV, or electric. Internet and Cable TV are included in the amount shown under Rent.

Living Expenses: January
Rent w/util  $  1,001
Electric  $       11
Cell Phone  $       20
Groceries  $     349
Meals Out  $     412
Drinks Only  $     343
Massages/Nails/Hair  $       80
Bus/Taxi  $     160
Incidentals  $     112
Medical Insurance  $     394
TOTAL  $  2,882
TOTAL W/O RENT  $  1,881
Discr Spending:
Clothes/Shoes/Gifts  $     145
Home Improve
Medical  $     100
Dental  $  1,596
TOTAL Discr.  $  1,841
TOTAL ALL  $  3,722

* Meals Out: Jan 20x
* Drinks Only: Jan 21x
* Taxis/Bus/Uber: Jan 45x
* Trips/Tours & General Rationale for some additional expenditures:
January: Mike's new tooth implant.