Sunday, February 21, 2016

Catch Up !!!! February, 2016

Well, HELLO there!!

Yup, it's me finally getting the time to write a few words. Since returning from Europe on October 21st, 2015, I haven't truly gotten the chance!

The day after we returned, we dealt with an infestation of termites that just about ate up our bathroom cabinet. We were able to salvage it but what a mess!

Then Hurricane Patricia, yea, my namesake, decide to put us all in a state of high alert. Mike & I fortunately made it to Costco and the market to restock our coffers before the masses descended there. The day Patricia was supposed to kick our butts, Mike and I made the decision to stay put in our condo. Based in many factors, we felt safer right here rather than trying to flee or move inland. 

So we taped Windows, took everything off the walls and counters, and set up a safe room in our bathroom. Our biggest concern was the blow out of our windows, which we knew would definitely happen.

Store fronts all taped.
I was also kept crazy busy with monitoring my huge membership Facebook Group, Puerto Vallarta: Everything You Need or Want to Know. Unfortunately, the news media in the US and Canada had us all dead. Yup, they were reporting that anyone still in PV would be a goner!! I had to ask people tactfully, to please stop!! We were the ones here and could tell them all exactly what was going on. 

Early in the day, the government did evacuate everyone from the beach hotels and housing. I can't tell you how impressed I was with the way they mobilized so quickly. This storm became a CAT 5 within 24 hours. The biggest in the history of Pacific hurricanes!!

It was a very long day, to say the least!! First they told us they were going to cut power off at 2pm, then when that didn't happen, they said 4pm. But, in the end, they never did turn it off because the storm didn't reach us at all!

We were all praising our beloved Sierra Mountains that have always spared us from any direct hit. One of the reasons we live be it here. Sure enough, the storm actually took the path for least destruction of people. However, those that were in its path had tons of damage. We got no more than a light rain and a whiff of wind. The storm we had a week later was way more ferocious!

So we had party, after party of surviving a hurricane that never came. And fund raising began in earnest for those less fortunate. 

So began the high season !! Lol 

I committed to a part time job as Media Coordinator for a local organization. That has kept me quite busy. Plus, I was given the opportunity to do some advertising for the local live theater and, in return, given free tickets to the shows. So between the two opportunities, I'm crazy busy!!

Halloween, Day of The Dead, Thanksgiving, Pilgrimages, Christmas, New Years, Mardi Gras, Valentines, and many birthday parties have come and gone. All the while, we're enjoying our friends and getting together to celebrate our way of life here.

View from Casa Karma

Build your own Bloody Mary at Casa Karma.

Nathan & Allen, our neighbors & good friends.

Mardi Gras:

I modeled in one of the wonderful charity functions for the orphaned children. Mike has been playing trivia with a group on Monday evenings. I even called the trivia event one week because the organizer was taking a short trip. I'm now working on modeling for another charity function in a couple of weeks.


A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I took a short 4 day/3 night trip up into the mountains to experience the Monarch Butterfly Awakening. No words to describe!! Stunning and spectacular!!

We also got to visit Morelia, where the Pope just visited, Tzitzanzun, Santa Clara de Cobre, & Patzcurao. All beautiful with gorgeous local handcrafts of straw weaving, pottery, copper, etc. We did a bit of very inexpensive shopping but came home with a bunch! LOL
Video of Monarchs:

A terrific opportunity to go to China and Thailand for 22 days at a simply fantastic price popped up, so we jumped on it!  Booked and everything in the works. August 24th is our departure date. So excited!

In the last couple of weeks we also applied and received our new passports that were expiring this year and it looks like we may be embarking on starting a new business here. Like we're not busy enough!! Retirement for us just meant that we have time to give our time to causes we are passionate about. It certainly doesn't mean we have become reticent about life.

But, the BIG news, is the that Mike was asked and he accepted to be a contestant in the 2nd Annual "What A Drag 2016" show. This is where 8/9 straight men dress up in drag and perform in the theater. The audience gets to vote on who's best overall after they are interviewed and then perform. This is all for the battered women's shelter. A fantastic cause!! So, stay tuned, as this is happening this coming Friday night!

Well, I have to say, the What A Drag 2016 was an amazing event!! The 8 guys did an incredible job of putting themselves out there. We raised almost $30,000US (over 500,000 pesos) for this worthy cause - Banderas Bay Women's Shelter. You guys ROCKED!!

 Video of Mike

The MC's, Sutton Lee Seymour & Kim Kuzma

My Guy, Mike Lyman - MISS CANDY APPLE!!

Joe Jack of Joe Jack's Fish Shack.


Mike & his Fairy Godmother - Nathan Frye!

I intend to finish my postings on the last two cities of our European trip - Madrid and Lisbon. I will, I will!

New friends keep coming into our lives and we feel so very fortunate to have them. Everyone here says they have more good friends than they did back "home". It's so easy to meet new people here and we're all just friggin HAPPY! Our health continues to be good and we cherish it. 

So here's to hoping that you're all healthy and happy! Later taters.