Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

This week has been filled with exploration and some tourist activities.

On Sunday, the 2nd, we headed over to the Oceanside Harbor where we took our "baby" Bear with us for a day of cavorting along the beaches and harbor. A terrific oceanside late brunch, long walk where Bear got to meet other dogs, bark at the birds, and watch the seals and Pelicans. After the walk we were ready for our "afternoon delight", which is what I've begun to call our late afternoon drink pit stop.


That evening Bear met his new really good friend, Falcon, a beautiful golden lab who was so patient with Bear's little guy syndrom. Boy, can Bear bark!!  You'd think he was king of the hill!!

On Labor Day, Mike and I drove east out of town to his cousin Alex's "ranch" - Broken Oak Nut about 70 miles northeast of Carlsbad up in the mountains. Beautiful! And the fresh air and wide open spaces made us smile big time!

I left Mike in Alex's good hands for the night. Mike was going to help Alex with some work that needed to done to the place. And, they would come back together on Tuesday.

I took the long way home and meandered my way through Temecula and Old Town but didn't stop as it was 103!!! So I just kept winding my way through the back roads over to the coast.  My GPS was going absolutely crazy and kept yelling at me to GO BACK - TURN AROUND NOW!!!  Ha ha, I actually enjoyed hearing it go nuts. I think I've lost it when the voice of the GPS is keeping me company!!  :)

On Tuesday, I bummed around doing not much of anything other than getting primpt and then back to pick up Bear for an afternoon of shopping and walking in Carlsbad.  We both got our excersie and felt good about it!!

Mike and Alex arrived home safely a little after 5pm so we had our afternoon delight on the patio together.

Wednesday was a fabulous day spent at the San Diego Zoo!!  I'll let the pictures tell the story.  What a great place!

From there we were off to Seaport Village for Happy Hour and dinner waterside, of course!! Desert in GasLamp that was fabulous!! So much happening in that part of town since we were there last!

Yesterday we hung out at the house most of the day but went out late afternoon and had a drink on the Oceanside Pier and then happened upon a Grand Opening of the Tin Fish on the beach under the Pier.  Great food and music!

Remember, I told you I had made connections with an expat in Boquete, Panama.  Well, Jim, convinced me we should stay at his Casita first when arriving so I changed our reservations in Gorgona to be our last month in the country.  So we're now booked to be in Boquete until at least December 1.  From there - who knows!!

As I said, go with the flow and stay flexible and have a good attitude! That's the way to stay stress free and happy!!

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