Monday, May 13, 2013

Having Fun With Friends!!

This week has been filled with good friends, eating, drinking, and even some traveling!  Now that's an oxymoron!! Because the area of NE Washington State (Stevens County), where we call "home", is extremely rural and to visit our neighbor can entail an hour or two of traveling by car to get there and you're only going from one side of the county to the other.  No joke!!

In fact, the traveling within our area is one of the highlights of living in this beautiful part of the world! With the forested mountains the peaks of which are still covered in snow, the lush spring green beautiful valleys, the Kettle River (which we lived on), and the Columbia River Valley all make up the "eye candy" of being here!

Monday Mike and I headed to Colville (the largest town of only 5,000 residents and the County Seat) to meet with our accountant and file our 2012 taxes.  Yes, we had done an extension knowing we were coming back to do them. And by Friday they were done and ready to be signed and sent off!! A biggy on our list of "things to do"!

We also met with our travel agent.  She has been putting together an itinerary for us for our Peru tour. We've decided not to pursue, at this time, any other country in South America for living possibilities so a real tourist tour is a possibility.  Will let you know when we decide.

We also continued our discussion and dismay at being turned away from Thrifty Car Rental upon our arrival. Today I was told that the reason was because we were "locals" and it sent up red flags why a "local" would be renting a car.  Snarff, snarff, but surely you jest??!!!!  We aren't going to get any restitution but I got all riled up again with their lame excuse. So much so that I have spent hours now reading every Policy & Term attached on their website to not only find NOTHING about needing a hard copy to produce for them under these circumstances BUT they, in fact, encourage renting from them "locally" when your car is being repaired with no mention of needing a copy of your policy!!

Ok, deeeeep breath!! Nope, I'm still madder than a hornet!!!!!!!!!  My theory, and Mike agrees, is that they saw the really good rate we were quoted and they didn't want to let it go for that little when they knew they could rent it to someone else for more because of the high demand that weekend.  I have even found nothing but awful reviews of that Thrifty location specifically on Yelp. Unbelievable how many people have been treated so horrifically!!  So BEWARE my Spokane/Colville friends!!  Travel agent won't be using them anymore either!

Thursday brought a "playing hooky" day!! Leslie, Mike, Mike and I drove up into Canada. A simply glorious day which had temps reaching 93 degrees in BC, Canada!! The whole time since we've been here the weather has been utterly amazing!  Upper 80s and low 90s! We are happy campers!

Lunch in Nelson, a little shopping, a wonderful walk in the park along Kootney Lake and beach, a drive a bit further up to a Provincial Park where we dipped our toes into the lake and enjoyed the peace and serenity, and then off a bit further north to Balfour for dinner on the patio overlooking the lake and the Ferry!! Isn't retirement grand??!!




The rest of the week was spent visiting and enjoying friends at their homes or out and about at our favorite places - Maverick's and Northern Ales. It's hard to say "Hi" then "Bye" in the same evening. We certainly miss our friends and are so lucky to have so many!!

Mother's Day was spent in Spokane with our daughter, Ara, and grandsons, Robert and Arlo. A delicious brunch and long walk around Corbin Park was enjoyed by us all!!  Lots of hugs, snuggles, and kisses that we've missed!

Mike and Mike are putting up scaffolding and preparing everything for our tomorrow project of putting up cedar siding on the back of their shop. It's all been completed except for the higher area and peak so with 4 of us it should be completed in a day. Yeah, we've earned our room and board!!

More of the same for this whole coming week with every evening booked for dinner with friends and family throughout the county. So looking forward to still seeing so many!!  The weather has taken a turn back to "normal" and the highs are in the low 70s, high 60s. Feels quite chilly but the break from all of the "hot" weather is quite refreshing.

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful week!!

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