Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June! Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Wow, the weeks just are flying by!  And this one was no exception.

A friend that we had met in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua who we had met through a mutual friend from Ecuador (did you follow that?) is moving through PV for the month after 5 months in and all around Asia. Heather is quite the nomad and has travelled the world. So much so that she's not quite sure where to go next!

It was awesome catching up with her at the Signature Lounge. And while enjoying Happy Hour(s), a huge storm (due to Amanda, the first hurricane/tropical storm way way out in the Pacific Ocean), started to move in from the south, as they usually do. Only this one came in with a vengeance, mean dark clouds and gust to 40mph !!  And, then the rain came down hard and the air was fresh and cool.

Our beautiful friend, Heather.

And the storm front moves in.

Rain looking south.

Hard to tell but it's raining in the pool.

Nasty clouds!

Pouring rain while we sat in the dark.

Heather decided to call it quits but we hung out with our friend, Harris, who joined us while we waited out the storm. Especially since the lights went out, we were in no hurry to get drenched and have no power. Usually the rain comes in and then passes. This was typical and by 10:30 we could walk home without more than a sprinkle and found that we had power at home. 

Turns out the Marina area not far north of town didn't get a drop of rain but they saw it and the wonderful light show that occurred with lightening over the Bay.  That too is typical here where it will rain in one area of the Bay but not the other. What's cool is that you can see it happening because the Bay is so big and open. 

Tuesday was the expat happy hour at Langostino's on the beach. We hadn't been in quite awhile so we decided we should go. As is always our pleasure, we met another couple who have decided to call PV home. A wonderful and enjoyable time getting to know Jan and Nelson Kelm!!

It was also a pleasure meeting up with Ray and Amy Eernisse from St. Louis, MO, my hometown! They were here this past week scoping it out for their future retirement. Love sharing our knowledge about this great place!

We had been invited to a 69th birthday party for our friend Mike Altman. His wife, Kim, was throwing him a wonderful celebration at their place. But since it is WAY up the hill, we took a taxi. Wow, is it UP there!!  Which means fabulous views of the Bay.

You can see the brown where the river is now entering the Bay after the heavy rains.

Toby & Jan, good friends.

Kim & Mike Altman, the birthday boy.

Turns out several other friends were there and we, of course, met more people that we had lots in common with. A great time was had by all and the food was scrumptious. A big shout out THANK YOU to Kim and Mike for sharing this party with us. 

I have to say that by Wednesday though, we were a bit pooped and needed to just stay home and recoup. We also had been working hard on our power point and verbal presentation for our upcoming presentation at Iternational Living Ultimate Conference  this coming week. Practice, practice, practice!!  We now have a good rhythm and the timing is smack on. But all the way up to our time slot of next Thursday morning at 9:10 - 9:30 am, we will be practicing. 

By Friday though, we were ready for socializing. Started out the evening with Shauna and Rob joining us at our home for appetizers and drinks with watching a beautiful sunset before heading out to Nacho Daddy's for some dancing and sweating with the Texas Embassy Blues Band. Fun, fun, fun!

Me, Rob & Shauna

Good friend, Sean Moore singing his heart out!

Happy Happy!!  Funny, Shauna.

Love these guys!

As we had a coupon for Le Jazz Bistro for eggs benedict that we had to use by the end of this week, we decided to go for Saturday brunch.  The setting is magnificent and right on the river where we had the place to ourselves with wonderful breezes while we enjoyed watching the wildlife that abounds on the river.



This bird was doing a mating dance but the female turned him away.  He gave quite a performance!

We had invited Bo and Dora DuBose also on Friday night but they weren't able to make it so they came over last night. Again, a wonderful evening of spending time with friends!

                                                                      Mariatas Islands

An update on our legal matter with our previous landlord is basically that he had an operation in Guadalajara last week and couldn't appear at the required meeting by the mediator. He's supposed to be home this weekend but who knows. We keep plugging away at it. Our hope is that we can come to some agreement before we leave for the states for 6 weeks on June 13.

As electric bills are only paid every 2 months, we were real curious to see what our bill would be here at the new apartment especially since we bought the all electric washer/dryer combo and have been using the ac for a bit each night for the last several weeks.  Well, I have to say, we're thrilled!!  It was only $50 for 2 months!!  WooHoo, that means it shouldn't be all that much more for a bill with ac for the full time. 

This week also saw Mike have an issue with an old crown. It was coming loose and we wanted it dealt with before we were back in the US because the price to fix is way better here. So he had 2 appointments this week and will have 2 more this coming week. He also decided to have his teeth professionally whitened because his 2 veneered front teeth were way whiter than the rest of his mouth. The grand total for the cap is $464 because he needed a post put in and the whitening is $240. Tis a good thing it's a new month on the budget!

So, we wish everyone a Happy June!  And hope that wherever you are, the weather is summer. 

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