Monday, February 2, 2015

Time Just Keeps Moving On .... Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Here it is another 3 weeks since the kids have left and I'm still wondering where does the time go?? Again, so busy with friends who've been visiting from afar. And, as they depart, another arrives.

Looks like we weren't wrong when we took this into consideration when deciding to live here. Although we always had an open invitation to anyone who might want to join us along the way on our Latin America journey no one specifically came to visit us BECAUSE we were there. And, only twice did we cross paths with friends from back home. Absolutely no relatives came. 

Quite a different story since we decided to live here!!  We are NOT complaining!! We are elated!! This is exactly what we were hoping for. It just goes to show that you can still live inexpensively in a foreign country, not give up all your creature comforts, and still keep well connected to your friends and family back home. Can't beat a deal like that!

The last 2 weeks started off with us attending a wedding of our wonderful friends, Cathy & Jerry Foote. Our friendship began last year at an Expat Happy Hour.  I happened to walk by them on my way to the ladies room and noticed that their name tags showed KS. So since I'm from MO, I felt a personal connection. Lol

So here we are one full year later at Cathy and Jerry's wedding!! You just never know when your next good friend is going to come along. Moral is the story is, put yourself out there and it will come back to you in spades!! Love you guys and thanks for letting us be a part of your life. 

Anyway, here are some of the glorious pictures of their dinner at La Palapa the night before and then of the wedding itself at the Marriott Magna Hotel in the PV Marina. Cathy was a stunning bride and Jerry quite the handsome groom!  This is what love looks like after being together for 20 years and then deciding to marry. Makes my heart sing!!

A heartfelt poem written by Cathy & Jerry's neighbor from Kansas City, Brian.

Flaming dessert coffee.

A beautiful venue at La Palapa.

The bride & groom!! Cathy & Jerry

The wedding reception setting outdoors.

The beautiful bride!


A magnificent setting on the jetty point overlooking the Bay of Banderas!

Me & Cathy just before her entrance.

Mr. & Mrs. Foote!!

Their first toast with margaritas!

Jim & Tessa Armstead were our guests at the wedding.

We danced the night away!

Mike, the justice of the peace, who performed the ceremony, is a retired Kansas Supreme Court Justice from Kansas City who has lived in PV for years.

I think they had a great time just like the rest of us!! 
Our friends Johnny and Jesee arrived from Dayton, OH and we have spent some good times just lazing by the pool, going out to dinner (Jorge's Hideaway), and taking them to their first live entertainment at The Red Room to see Dame Edna (Michael Walters). 
Jesse & Johnny from Dayton, OH

Jorge's Hideaway
At club Encore for drinks before the show at the Red Room. 

The Dame Edna impersonator - Michael Walters.

Doug, Dame Edna & Me.

Love this pic !!!
 If you haven't seen him/her perform, you're certainly missing out! Funny, hilarious, and heart warming. A fabulous evening!  Since I've been Facebook friends since seeing the act last year (where Mike and I got picked on pretty heavily), she decided to make me a part of her show repertoire that evening. Needless to say, I adore her even more!!  And, after the show, we spent quite some time catching up on his life and what the future holds. Stay tuned. Exciting things are coming!!

Our other good friend, JB Tocino aka Jack, arrived in town for a 3 month stay. We've gotten together several times and I know we'll be spending more time over the course of his stay. Who knows, he just might stay longer. 

I've also been coordinating and putting together 2 wonderful excursions because of friends in town. It's less expensive also per person if you put together a private tour. So last Sunday, a group of 10 of us heads north about 2 hours for the Alta Vista petroglyphs. A wonderful hike into the jungle and the Pool of Kings!

Where the hike began....


The Pool of Kings.


Jim & Tessa Armstead

Our illustrious guide, Sylvie Scopazzo!!!

Craig Hinman was the only one who took a full dip in the pool. 

The group at late lunch in San Pancho.

Our group at late lunch in San Pancho.
I've also put together a whale watching sunset cruise for 12 of us.  So excited because the whales are tremendous this year. 250 in the Bay counted so far. 

Mike and I watched, along with Cathy & Jerry, the Seahawks come from behind to win over the Green Bay Packers in overtime. This playoff game was better than most Super Bowls, in my humble opinion.

Cathy & Jerry Foote

Of course, dotted between all the other things we do, we can't forget our beloved sunsets that are simply magnificent!!

Erol and Georgia arrived last Wednesday just in time to attend a wonderful cocktail and appetizer get together at the new Mediterranean Café in Old Town.  It was a great way for them to get a flavor of the walking that we do, to see a beautiful venue, and to meet some of our good friends!
And the wonderful owners & staff of the Mediterranean Café!!

The fantastic food!

Me, Mike, Erol & Georgia
Erol & our host, Randy.

Erol & Georgia

The Mediterranean Cafe 
Throughout this week, we have taken them out to some of our favorite haunts where we met up with other friends, Johnny, Jesse, Mark, and Todd, at our beloved Signature, went to see Amy & Freddy. Amy is billed as having the voice of a saint and the mouth of a sailor. She didn't disappoint!! Laughter, laughter, laughter everywhere!

Us pool side at the Signature.

Johnny & Erol

Johnny, Mike, Mark & Jesse

Erol, Georgia, & Todd

Georgia & Johnny engaging!

Georgia enjoying Johnny's antics !

Erol enjoying Johnny's antics !
Amy and her fantabulous voice!!

The gals - Georgia, Amy, & Me.

Erol & his other cohorts on stage.
Erol on stage.
Erol on stage getting into the groove.

Amy & Freddy

Due to impending foul weather, our whale watching/sunset cruise was cancelled by the Harbor Master on Saturday and rescheduled for tomorrow. So instead, we went out for brunch and Georgia and I had 90 minute massages for $30 each. We then caught up with the guys at Sea Monkey, had drinks at Fast Eddy's on the Rio Cuale, and dinner at Mr. Pulpo before joining our friend, Jack, next door at Margarita Grill. 
The beautiful mosaic wall of the elementary school in Old Town.

Erol's henna tattoo in support of the Seahawks done at the Sea Monkey.

A display of puppets on the malecon.

Mike & Jack

Georgia & Erol
The rain and foul weather didn't arrive until way after we would have had a glorious evening on the Bay with a dazzling sunset. Oh well ..... that's the weather for you.
The rain started late Saturday night and has now continued heavily for almost 48 hours. So we stayed in most of yesterday until time to walk up to Nacho Daddy for the Super Bowl.  A great time was had. But, alas, it ended with disappointment for us. So we'll just look forward to next year.
The Super Gals - Nancy, Me, Cathy & Tammy
The rain was so hard all last night that Mike and I didn't sleep much even with the doors and windows shut. We got up to the news that our lunch at Ocean Grill was cancelled due to the weather.  Thank goodness!! So it's a quiet day but we'll go out for dinner this evening with our friends, Erol & Georgia.
Here's hoping that the weather tomorrow permits our whale watching/sunset cruise. If so, I'll hopefully be posting those pictures on my next post.  It will also include our trip to Mexico City, San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, and Leon, all up in the Sierra Madre mountains. We leave on Wednesday the 4th and return on the 16th. Excited for this trip!!
So until then, thanks so much for continuing on this journey with us! We love having you!!

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