Saturday, May 9, 2015

Life Marches On - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We continue to meet with many people who have been following my blog. Some have already made the final decision that Puerto Vallarta will be their destination, others think so, but still want to explore a bit before deciding - and, they should!

Several have been gracious enough to mule down items of need from the states. This month I received a Kindle for a friend here that had lost hers and Naproxan gel capsules that you can't get here.

I'm always thrilled to meet these wonderful people face to face that I have only known through the wonderful internet . So many good friendships have been forged. I feel truly grateful for them all in my life and glad that they feel I'm an asset to theirs. Te amo, amigos!

Mike, George, Jeri, & Me having drinks at Fusion Gourmet.
Doug & Cindy at Langostino's.

Chris, Alicia, Me & Mike at Cheeky Monkey.

Nancy, Me, Mike & Joe in a selfie at Signature Lounge.
 We've started to meet up with friends at the beach one day a week to just veg out under the umbrellas, drink tea, have lunch, walk the beach, and enjoy each other's company while idling a few hours of the day away. I'm loving this new day each week!

And, of course, there's always Expat Happy Hour twice a month at Langostino's on the beach. Also this month for the first time, we attended a dinner that was being held at a restaurant we'd been wanting to try. We haven't been attending any of the Expat Wine & Appetizer events because frankly, we have a busy social schedule as it is. But, those are always an option for others. Thanks to Sara & Mike Wise for being the instigator and coordinator of all of these events.

Sprinkled in were some parties with friends for various occasions. But, truly here, no reason is needed to have a party. 

Amigas! Heather, Cindy & Me.
Tammy, Mike, Dennis, Vicky, Gaby, & Tracy at Anjeo Limon celebrating our love for PV.

Tommy & Bara
JR Russel's birthday cake.

John, Sean, Memo, Miquel & Kevon of the Texas Embassy Blues Band. A great night of living & celebration.

This lovely lady is 89 years young & boogied her night away. I want to be her when I grow older! She's dancing with her grandson, Jim Lee.

Enjoying her dance with her grandson in law, Sean Carey.
I want my grandchildren to have this look of love on their face when they dance with me when I'm 89!

Our good friend, Jack, decided to have some elective surgery 2 weeks ago with a fabulous surgeon at a fantastic cost compared to what it would have been in the states. Jack has been living here since January and we think he's made the decision to come back in the fall on a more permanent basis.

So as part of his research on his post surgery care, he became aware of a brand new facility that opened in the marina. It's located in a beautiful 5 bedroom/3 bath home with a pool on the golf course. It has a 24 hour staff including a chef. They will pick you up at the hospital to settle you in. It's what I refer to as a Medical B&B for recuperation.

We visited with him 4 days after surgery and he was enjoying a visit with the business manager pool side. If it wasn't for all of the contraptions hanging from his body, I'd never have guessed he had just had 3 major surgical procedures completed. As a single person especially, this was definitely the way to handle his post surgery care!!

Enzo & our friend, Jack Bramy. He looks GREAT!!
 Many conversations these past couple of weeks about medical costs in PV. So, please, let me RANT - just a bit. 

DO NOT EVER EVER EVER travel anywhere outside your home country without health insurance. That is, of course, unless you made an educated decision to do so. Even when I traveled from the US into Canada and my husband needed emergency care, the hospital would not admit him without my handing over a credit card so they could charge a large sum of money on it to cover costs up front. It didn't matter whether or not I had insurance.

So, when you show up at a hospital needing medical attention here or most anywhere in the world, expect to have to hand over your credit cards for your costs. It will be your responsibility to get reimbursement from your insurance company after the fact.

Depending on what the issue is, it can still add up to allot of money. But, I will assure you, that it still isn't anywhere near the cost of what it would be in the states. And, if you're Canadian, you should especially know your insurance rules back home. Find out if they cover you while you're here and for how long, if at all. Get that traveler's insurance and don't leave yourselves hanging in the wind for a financial shock!!

If you live here full time, there are many good insurance options available. Talk to an agent and most certainly be in contact with our go to "all things medical in PV" - Pam Thompson-Webb at She can answer all of your questions and, if not, she'll find out. She also can recommend dentists, doctor specialists, get cost quotes, etc. Her monthly clinics held with various medical specialists is an invaluable resource for us all!

OK, Rant over!

The event that occurred that captured everyone's attention here was the May Day orchestrated attacks on already closed banks due to the May Day holiday but also several gas stations here in PV. The attacks were made in conjunction with many all throughout the state of Jalisco especially in Guadalajara. To say the least, we all sucked in our breath. The people who performed these attacks gave warning to the government owned gas stations so no one would get hurt and, as I said, the banks were already closed for the holiday.

I'm not going to belabor the events or hide and stick my head in the sand. However, I will NOT hit the Panic Button and throw the baby out with the bath water either! As I have said on my Facebook Group "Puerto Vallarta: Everything You Need or Want To Know", shit happens everywhere and I like my shit right here in PV!

Although we were under a high alert, Mike and I, along with many expats, continued to be out and about all last weekend walking everywhere without fear. That isn't to say that we aren't mindful of our surroundings at all times. We ALWAYS are aware no matter where we are - in our hometown back in the US, visiting anywhere else in the US, living here in PV, or on vacation in another country.

The alert was lifted Sunday night and no incident has been reported since then. Does that mean it's all gone away. Hell no! There is dissatisfaction with the government here as in any other country. It was here way before we made the decision to live here and will be here probably long after we've left this good earth. And, it's been the case in every country we considered including the US and Canada.

So my bags aren't packed. Instead I want to continue to spread the word about how wonderful life is here in PV. Even the 140 Travel Writer/Journalists that were here last week agree that PV has much to offer the tourist!

And, if the media back in Canada and the US wants to continue to sensationalize and blow things out of proportion, then it's up to the people to realize that that's what they've been doing for years with anything to do with Mexico. Shame on them! Maybe you should take care of your own backyard before slinging mud down this way.

Ahhhh, I feel better! If I've offended anyone, it certainly was not my intention to. Hopefully, we can agree to disagree and move on.

So I'll leave you all with some of our beautiful sunsets and skies. That should sooth everyone's soul.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and although I won't be with my children and grandchildren, I will be enjoying a wonderful dinner with my hubby and our friend, Jack.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you lovely ladies out there !

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