Sunday, February 7, 2016

Budget Update - January, 2016

It's again a New Year!! Wow, time is flying by here in beautiful PV where we once again proved that you can live well for a very reasonable budget.

So, off we go again into this new year trying to continue to live within our income but still keeping our goal of no more than $2,000/month for our true Living Expenses. And, if we keep our total expenses to no more than $2,500/month, it leaves a good bit for our love of traveling.

January was an extremely busy month for us! Many show openings that we love to attend. Free tickets in lieu of doing some advertising work for local entertainment venues. Thank You!!

I also took a part time job doing media coordinating for a local organization. My time is most certainly not idle!!

Living Expenses:    January
Rent w/util  $       800
Electric  $         18
Cell Phone  $         16
Groceries  $       192
Meals Out  $       363
Drinks Only  $       197
Entertainment  $         37
Massages  $         19
Bus/Taxi  $         15
Dental Cleaning
Incidentals  $       100
TOTAL  $    1,757

TOTAL W/O RENT  $       957

Discr Spending:
Visas/Legal  $       220
Clothes/Shoes/Gifts  $         48
Medical/Life Ins.  $       322
Home Improve  $       203
Air Travel
Car Rental/Gas
Spanish Lessons
TOTAL Discr.  $       793

TOTAL ALL  $    2,550

*Meals Out: Jan. 15x
*Drinks Only: Jan. 14x
*Legal: Jan. Passport Renewal

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