Thursday, September 13, 2012

Final Day in Carlsbad, CA

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Man, Oh Man!! So hard to believe that our wonderful stay in this beautiful part of our country is coming to an end. Tomorrow at this time we will be packing up and heading out to begin the second leg of our cross country journey.

But before I get ahead of myself, I should just update on what we've been up to this last week. Except that once you get into an actual living rhythm it gets harder and harder to remember just what you did each day. Sort of like "normal" life. It's going to be a long time until we get to have that again. But, then again, maybe our new "normal" of changing locations and countries every couple of weeks will become just that - "normal".

Last Friday we knew our cousin, Don, was going to be launching his refurbished sail boat from dry dock back to the sea. So after a quick bite to eat out, we headed to the Oceanside Harbor.  Our timing couldn't have been better!! He was just finishing up with some paperwork when we got there and literally before our eyes, his boat quickly launched!!  It was extremely exciting and fascinating to watch.

Once in the water, we were all invited on board.  Don was beside himself with happiness.  His beautiful smile was as wide as it could be!!  A very happy man!!  The boat responded correctly to every command, which made him even happier!  You see, this wonderfully talented man, did all of the upgrades and modifications to his boat himself.  He surely had the right to be so proud that all was good in his world!!  Let the sailing begin!!

Sunday brought us to the beach for the very first time to just plop down and enjoy the sand, sun, and a little boogy boarding for Mike. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he decided to walk up and down the beach to watch others and gain tips by watching how it's really done. Since Mike's a quick study, in no time he was riding those waves all the way to the beach and enjoying every moment of it!  Always coming up on shore with a huge smile!

Sunday evening my good friend, Pam McCain, arrived with her Graci from Pine Mountain Club, CA, where we had just spent time with her there a couple of weeks ago.  She came down to have a "girl's day" with me on Tuesday.

We all went out to dinner in the Village with our pooches, who were again the hit with everyone, and ate on the patio while it quietly and gently rained. 

Monday Mike hung out with Uncle Donald, Don, and Alex. These guys just love to get into fabulously deep philosophical conversations together.  You just never know where it's going to go.

But one thing Mike had been wanting to do was to read to Uncle Donald a 36 typed written journal that his Great Great Grandfather had written to his 2 grandsons, one of which was Mike's grandfather George Spencer Lyman (Jud) about his Civil War experiences.  Mike happened upon this journal while cleaning out his packed away family boxes during our move.  What a great and cherished memento to have discovered after all this time!!

Pam and I meandered the coast down to San Diego and drove through neighborhood after neighborhood looking at homes and criticizing them.  Just what you'd expect two Realtors® to do!!  We just can't seem to get enough of it when it gets into your blood.  Pam is thinking that she might buy a small place to have when she comes to town and rent it out the rest of the time.

I saw parts of SD that most don't ever really get to see because that's not their mission to do so. Normal Heights, Kensington, Logan Heights, Petco Park revitalization area, etc, etc.  So much good stuff going on in this city!!  Makes you realize why it's a coveted place to live.

After a personally revitalized facial at the generous gifting by Pam to me, we were off again to explore more. No shopping at all, just time spent talking and being "friends" enjoying what we both love doing!  We laughed and laughed - especially when she turned down a one way street the WRONG way!! Fortunately, she very quickly realized her error and pulled over just as the traffic started to bare down on us.  We laughed some more!!!

An early dinner on the water at "C Level" brought a new discovery and a most delicious meal, great atmosphere, and a delight to us both!  Then off to Sunset Cliff for watching of a most spectacular sunset - that Mike was watching as well with Alex and Linda from the Carlsbad beach. 

After a late breakfast with Pam in the Village, Pam headed back home and Mike and I just hung out at the house doing computer "stuff".  But that got pretty boring after awhile so we decided to go to the movies.  We saw Hope Springs with Merrill Streep and Tommy Lee Jones.  Yes, it's good and we would highly recommend it. 

Yesterday was another "get our act" together day since we won't have this kind of time to idle away doing nothing for a long time. Early evening found us back with the family where we hung out, chewed the fat, had dinner, and realized it was our last "true" time together on this trip.

Today is being spent gathering ourselves up and packing. And, of course, spending time with our little charge "Bear".  It will be hard to realize a life without him now. He has truly wrapped himself around our hearts!!  Thank you Bear for being such a wonderful addition to our lives!

Our next phase takes us east further into the SW - Tucson, Tombstone, Deming, Phoenix, Zion, Bryce, Santa Fe, Taos, etc.  You get the idea - back on the road, again.

Until later.....

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