Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

ANOTHER harrowing wind storm last night!! Blew all of the fans out of the windows!! We layed there praying we wouldn't have to deal with downed trees again today. We have absolutely way too much to do!

I think I've given enough of the story up to now, so I'll now share our itinerary.

We will first be taking a 3 month cross country US trip to see family and friends and to do some of our "bucket list" items that we just haven't gotten to yet.

On Monday, July 30, we get in our car and head out of town. First to Spokane to see a dear friend who'll be having surgery on Friday. Have to make sure we see her in the flesh and that all is good!! From there, we make our way to Vancouver, BC. There we will be spending a couple of nights and watching the Festival of Lights on Wednesday evening, 8/1.  The Festival is always held at the end of July and has been on our bucket list. 3 different countries every year put on a fireworks competition. This year is Viet Nam, Brazil and Italy. We're seeing Brazil.

We have to be in Seattle by 8/4 because we board Holland America for a week Alaskan cruise!!! Why not?? I've never been and have always wanted to go.

Once back on 8/11, we head south to Portland and Eugene to see friends, Crater Lake, and then the coast to SF and more wonderful friends in the wine country. We also hope to catch up with our grandson, Azi, in Modesto,CA.

Continue driving down the coast, which I've always wanted to do and Mike hasn't done for a long long time.  Our final destination in CA is Carlsbad where Mike has family.  We are excited because a good friend of mine has asked us to house sit for 3 weeks while they're gone on a mediterranean cruise and to watch their adorable 4 lb yorkie - Bear!! So we're all set for a short respite of the traveling.

From there we head east to Bryce & Zion, Tuscon, NM.  Family and friends along the way. Over to Carl Junction (Joplin), MO to visit my brother and his wife, my good friend, Linda. First time at their home for me. But we love to travel and take vacations together, so I'm glad I get to see them in their own environment.  Mike got to see them last year when he drove through when he was working on the southern storms.

Up to Chicago for more family and friends, Upper MI with more friends, over into Canada again to drive to Niagra Falls, which Mike has never seen.  Plan to be in CT by mid October and be with my daughter and her family.  Mike also has quite a bit of family in the area, so we can't wait to see them again soon!!

On November 4, Mike & I, and my daughter and family get on a plane and head to Aruba for a week of true and total relaxation!! Hopefully, we'll be teaching our grandson, Peter, to drive stick shift.

On November 11, Mike & I fly to Panama City where we'll be for 3 months. On February 7, 2013 we fly to San Jose, Costa Rica. On May 1, 2013, we're back on US soil and land in Spokane to visit for several weeks with good friends. A high school graduation the end of May in CA and another high school graduation in CT mid June, as both of our oldest grandsons are graduating!!

From there, our plan is to head to Ecuador & Uruguay for 3 months in each country.

Well, there you have it in a nut shell!!  My head is spinning!!  We have all of our plane tickets already and if you think you can't do it -- the plane fare for all of this for EACH of us was ONLY $1,450!!!  Not bad!!

Until later....


Anonymous said...

what an exciting plan & well deserved. You need to add a trip thru Berkeley if you are up to some heartache! Best wishes for a wonderful journey!

Dawn Picken said...

Enjoy, enjoy your adventure! Travel is such a gift - it forces you to live with intensity. And it can be a lot of work (travail- to work :) We create our own problems when we travel, especially internationally. But it is so worth the hassle of missed connections, spotty communication and tourist rip-offs. The people you meet along the way become the reward. Godspeed to you from a fellow traveler...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't realize your itinerary in-between the 'big trip.' I am so excited for you both. I'm making a quick trip to visit Carol in Sonoma - flying out Aug 14 and coming back early the 18th. Erol is going to try to squeak in a visit down there and is planning on flying back to Spokane the same day as my return. Coincidence?! Then I'll be flying back to Arcata mid-Sept to visit family...then Mexico in November. Whoo! Not nearly as exciting as your world, but pretty big for me :-) Wishing you safe travels and loads of fun and sightseeing!!
Love you both!

Tricia Lyman said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom! We have traveled extensively and know only too well that we create some of our own issues..Haha! But, true, that's part of the journey. We are looking forward to bumbling through.

Tricia Lyman said...

Tina,Your travels sound awesome too!! Give Carol a huge hug for me. Didn't realize she had moved to CA. Love ya!

Tricia Lyman said...

Since this wasn't signed, not sure who wrote it but don't think we'll go through Berkeley. I want to keep the wonderful memories I have intact. Thanks for best wishes!!