Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wow!!  What a crazy last few days it’s been!! So, I’ll just backtrack to bring everyone up to date.
Tuesday evening was a very rough one for both Mike and me. Time was running out to get things done and there was still much to do before Ara, Mike’s daughter, arrived with the moving van in the morning.  Needless to say, when the van arrived at about 9am, Mike was still clearing out his desk and other stuff.

But, with the help of a wonderful local young man, Justin, we managed to get the truck full and loaded by about 2:30pm. What a marathon!! We sent the truck on ahead of us along with Justin to Spokane for the unloading in a storage unit for Ara.

It still took Mike and me another 2 hours to get his truck loaded with what we could get in it. It still wasn’t enough time to do all I wanted to do – like clean out the refrigerator and scrub the house for the new owners. However, they kept telling us to just leave it and not to worry because they were chomping at the bit to move in the minute we were gone, which they did.
Off to Spokane we went (our 3rd trip in a week – 2 ½ hrs one way). We were on autopilot at this point and exhausted mentally and physically. We didn’t even have time to say good bye the right way to our pets – Bodie & Mittens, nor to take one last look around at our place to have a moment of silence and bid adieu. Just not in the cards…just keep moving on.

By the time we arrived in Spokane, Justin and the gang had already unloaded the van and all that was left were the last items in Mike’s truck. Yea for our older bodies!!
It was time to head to Ara’s home for the final unloading of items she was keeping at the house and to have wine and beer. Deserved all the way around!! Amazing how good it tasted!

After a good dinner at Dewey’s, Mike & I headed to our now “new home” – hotel beds! The first night of many where “HOME” will be wherever we lay our heads for the night.

Thursday we decided that the car was way too full of stuff to haul back east to Denise’s (my daughter in CT) so we headed to UPS and shipped 3 large heavy boxes. The car finally had some room! Still with a truck to leave behind at Arden 2nd Hand for consignment, we headed back to Colville. Once we dropped off the truck and finished paperwork, the car was once again way too full!  Oh well, we’ll deal with that on Friday.
Our wonderful friends, Tina & Don, made a generous offer of letting us stay at Don’s log cabin on the Kettle River for our last few days. It couldn’t be a more fitting place for our initial transition!! Going from our beautiful log cabin in the woods on the Kettle River to a cozy log cabin on the Kettle River was just the ticket. The only difference is that this place is on small acreage in a small community with neighbors and strange people noises. Still a beautiful place to be!

As I’m writing this on Sunday morning, I’m sitting in a camp chair overlooking the river flowing by and an eagle flying overhead to roost in a tree across from me. Oh, and the neighbor is weed whacking away next door!! So much for the quiet peaceful moment. We WILL get used to it, as I’m sure that will be more the norm than the exception in our future.
We did go back to the house Thursday evening to collect a few items still remaining. The new owners were well on their way to moving in.  Mike & I wish them all nothing but the very best in a beautiful place that is now theirs to create their dream vision. LOVE you guys and see you next May!!

Friday was spent in Colville running last minute errands and my office throwing a wonderful summer potluck lunch for us. THANK YOU all!! I'm going to miss each and everyone of you!!

It became apparent, however, that another trip to Spokane was necessary to deliver thee remaining family items to Ara. So after a beautiful Friday night at the Rockcut Blues Festival, which is why we are still here, we made another trip (now our 4th in a week) to Spokane.

However, this actually gave the opportunity to see our dear friends, Leslie & Mike, at Deaconess Hospital. Leslie had had surgery on Friday and we knew we couldn’t leave without seeing her in the flesh that all was good with her. Yes, her surgery went far better than anticipated and all is good!!
Back to Barstow at the cabin and then to a leisurely dinner at Tina & Don’s with all garden food. Yummy!! Thank You so much for all of your friendship and generosity!! Saying “See you later!” was very difficult and some tears were shed.

Off to the last night of Rockcut Blues, where we met up with the new owners of our place. It gave us a chance to introduce them to more of their new neighbors. It was a great evening under the stars with good music, dancing and time to say “See you later!” to many friends.  It appears most are very jealous of us and can’t wait to hear how it all goes for us. EVERYONE is invited to come visit us wherever!!
Today is being spent by sleeping in a bit, having coffee on the river’s edge, writing this so that I can post it when I finally get internet service, good friends – Linda & Alan – coming by for a bit of lunch here and then off to say some more “See you laters”.

Tomorrow morning, Monday, July 30, we get in our car with what we have left to carry across country and we head to Vancouver, BC for what has now turned into 4 nights there. I’ll explain that later.
So, again, for now – see ya!!

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