Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012!!

Oh man, where did this year go??!!  I'll tell you it was the most horrific year we've had and the most wonderful!  It was due to the "horrificness" of what happened at the beginning of the year that we made the decision to chuck it all and head out to explore and live the rest of our lives. I always say...there's a silver lining in EVERYTHING!!!

Yup, we're going to be celebrating this New Year's Eve and our 12th Anniversary with many new friends out on a beautiful veranda in the tropics having a great potluck meal. And, maybe even a really good hamburger!! LOL  But I know a good time will be had by all!! So here's to you Mike!! Thank You for a wonderful exciting 12 years and to many more wonders for us both together!!

Once the early party is over everyone will mosey into town and enjoy the local festivities there. I've heard they're great so it'll be another "first" to observe and partake in.

This last week was spent having a beautiful Christmas dinner with again some very new friends and some that are now in our "true friends" category.  The evening ended by stepping into the pool.  THANK YOU Christine & Wayne again for hosting a terrific party. And, thank you Melinda & Rod, Ingrid & Roy, Lorna & Pete, Simone & Michael, and Alicia & Billy for all helping us celebrate this Christmas!!

For some reason (who knows!!) I can't insert Pete & Lorna's pictures.  I've tried and tried.  Sorry!
Truly, not much went on.  We hung out reading, taking a nap here and there, pilates and yoga thrown in.  But allot of talking about whether or not we want to go to Ecuador or Spain first after our trip back to the states this Spring.  I think with what we know now, we're going to head to Ecuador first because it's high season in Spain and we've been there for that already.  And, that means I will be able to talk Mike into at least a visit to Paris during the holidays to enjoy the lights and wonderment of the season there.

The biggest event this week was our Christmas massages that we gave to each other.  The Pedasito Hotel is a quaint small boutique hotel right in the center of town and they have the ONLY "Spa" in town.  I'd met the young lady from Israel at the baby shower and she was just a delight!!  Well, I can tell you she's also a VERY skilled masseuse!! For one hour each we got all oiled up and I mean oiled!!  From head to toe and it felt luscious!!  Thank you, Galy!!

Above are a few random shots of Pedasi. The former President has a home here and some of her family.

We continued our gift to each other by having lunch at a new venue for us just another block down toward the square.  The 2 of us ate a full course meal for $9! 

After yoga on Friday late afternoon, we ended up having drinks on the veranda of Lucielle & Gerhardt's place along with Christine & Wayne and some Quebec, Canadians in for a short visit.  Afterwards, Mike & I took Christine & Wayne out for dinner as it was their 1st wedding anniversary!  Mike & I then went to Smiley's and enjoyed some more time with friends and the live music.  Mike only played one song because the music they were playing that night didn't call for much Congo contribution.

Sunday morning we took a wonderful walk on the beach all the way from del Toro Playa to Playa Arenal with stiff headwinds!! Took us about an hour but it felt so good as we haven't been on the beach for a couple of weeks. 

Mike's a happy camper at the moment because both the Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks won their football games.  Although, if you know my Mike, he got pretty animated during the Bears' game and I didn't really want to be around. LOL

Today we were back in our Spanish classes.  I was pretty happy that I didn't forget as much as I thought I would over the holiday week without classes.  I even got to play a real "game" today because I have enough "knowledge" and words to be able to read the Spanish and answer in Spanish!! Yee Haa!!

As this is our last week - OMG!! - we want to get the most out of it and enjoy everyone that we've met along the way! So very hard to believe our 5 weeks is almost over and yet, we feel like we've been here for much longer. Yes, Pedasi is on our radar!

Christine & Wayne have decided that they're going to drive us to Gorgona rather than us taking the bus. Wow!! How wonderful!! Just like Rick bringing us here from Boquete.  What wonderful people and new friends we have!

So until my next post - HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you all be healthy, happy and content in 2013!!

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