Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Week of Costa Rican Life!!

Before I get started on this past week, I want to give you links to 2 events from last week - a video of the Coatimundi's, which are just absolutely adorable!!!

And, one of the zip lining (even though it isn't either one of us or anyone we know, it'll give you a small snippet of how exhilarating it is!!

Well, it sure was a good thing we chose the days we did to go to t he Arenal Volcano because it just rained and poured and blew last Sunday and Monday!!  HOWEVER, never the ones to let that stop us, we got a surprise on Monday mid morning when our friend, Vern, showed up to ask if we wanted to go to the FREE hot springs down past the volcano.  Well, why not sit in beautiful warm water up to your chin even if it was raining!!!

So off we went....Vern, Oh-Gina, Mike & me!!  First a stop in Las Piedras for lunch at a "soda" and a wonderful full lunch it was for all 4 of us at only $14!!  The typical Costa Rican food is sooo luscious!!

Another stop at Vern's place so he could get his suit and share his beautiful spot with us!!  I could move right in!!  Actually, he said he'd let me too but where would Mike go??  LOL  Vern's just the nicest, sweetest man from east TX!!  I love his Texas slow drawl! And, to see his newly caught Crawfish!!

We then headed way down the east side of Lake Arenal (again) and just at the Tabacon Hot Springs, we pulled over and parked on the side of the road, walked a feet hundred feet, walked down some steps and VOILA we were in the hot river!!  In order to get into the pool we wanted to be in, we had to cross through the rushing river to get to the other side. Oh-Gina had brought along Max, her precious terrier, and he had his first encounter with water. At least it was warm bath water!!

After an hour and a half of refreshing warm soaking, we headed back north.  Since it was definitely "cocktail" hour, we scooted into the Arenal Lodge way, way, way, way up a hill with a beautiful view of the volcano to have a drink and walk the gardens.  We, again, came upon a lone coatimundi on someone's room deck and Max went nuts!!  Didn't know what to do with this new information!! LOL

Please excuse the wetness on the front of my shirt.  I still had on my bathing suit and hadn't dried out!! LOL

Heading further north toward home, we decided to stop and have dinner at Moya's Place in Nuevo Arenal.  What a great place!!!  And, the food was excellent!!  So, if you're ever up that way, do stop.  It's worth it!!

Tuesday was pretty much a stay at home day.  Mike took a walk and explored the hills and valleys around the area.  I read my book and studied my Spanish.  We actually don't get as much opportunity to use it here, as the locals like to practice their English or already do speak and beat us to the punch. Wednesday evening was expat night, again, at Hotel San Luis and we had dinner and drinks and visited with friends and made new ones!

Wednesday we decided to head back by bus into Tilaran for some groceries and to get the soles replaced on a pair of sandals that I've been carrying around for 8 months!! I love these sandals and we just had never connected with a cobbler.  As we had seen one the first time in town, we headed over there. And, on the spot, the gentleman replaced my soles while we waited!! Only about 20 minutes and $6 and I had NEW shoes!!! 

Thursday was the monthly meeting and luncheon of Ladies of the Lake, an organization of expatriate ladies from all around the lake.  Their main goal is to be a great source of information to all the expats in the area.  They meet in different homes and have about a half hour meeting where information is shared and upcoming events are announced.  I was glad that I got to attend at least one meeting while here. Certainly gives me a broader perspective of the area.

While I was gone, Mike took on an ambitious walk and walked all the way into Tronadora, about 3kms from our place.  As there really isn't much there to draw us in that direction, we haven't been back since our first day when we did our grocery shopping there.  But, it's certainly a well kept, community!  He didn't get back until about 5:55pm and I was going to call out the Calvary at 6pm because I had no clue where he was!! Well, I would have called him first to see if he'd answer. LOL

Yesterday we hung out at home again and got to truly sit out on our deck in the sun and look out over the lake.  What with the clouds, rain, and big wind, we don't really get a chance to do that.  So it was yummy!!  We read and talked until it was time to get ready to head up with Oh-Gina to expat night at Volcano Brewing.

It wasn't a well attended evening but we had fun none the less with those that did come.  How can you not have fun when you're hanging out in a sweet spot with new friends and making more new ones???  Ain't it the life!!!??

Today is the pool party down at Hotel San Luis but it's been cloudy, rainy, and chilly.  Certainly, NOT pool party weather.  So we stayed home again but we can certainly hear the Boom, Boom, Boom of the music up here.  I know they're having a great time without us!

Doing laundry, updating the blog, some reading, and cooking dinner for Vern, Oh-Gina, and us tonight.  A simple spaghetti, fresh baked bread, and cole slaw with a scrumptious peanut butter and chocolate cheese cake from the Feria that Oh-Gina bought for desert!!

This coming week will bring us some heat, sun and beach as we're taking the bus over to Tamarindo on the Pacific Coast where our friends, Donna & Randy, have a condo. We will be taking the bus over on Monday - that should be an excursion all by itself.  Stay tuned!! LOL

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