Monday, October 29, 2012

10, 9, 8, 7, 6 - YES only 6 More Days!!

Monday, October 29, 2012 - HURRICANE SANDY IS HERE!!!

As I sit here with my computer in my lap, I'm watching TV and constant updates on what's going on outside in other areas of CT and the east coast about Hurricane Sandy. Supposed to be the worst ever for CT!! And, that's saying allot!!  Having lived here on and off for over 20 years, I've seen many horrible storms here - hurricanes, snow, wind, nor easters, etc.

The wind has steadily picked up and the rain is now steadily coming down. The coast is flooded and getting worse. The highest storm serge ever forecasted.  The worst is supposed to hit by mid afternoon and into the evening.

We've all had our showers, dishes washed, clothes washed, gadgets/computers powered, enough non perishable food in the house for 9 people (4 adults and 5 healthy growing boys (8-17!)), paper plates, plastic cups and utensils on the counter all ready for the loss of power that's expected.

Will continue to update via facebook!

But we've had a great time this past week visiting with family!!  Mike's cousin Denise and her husband, Dennis, live in Tyringham, MA and operate a beautiful story book historical venue called Santarella Gardens. It's a must see and you can by going to
You won't be disappointed!!

So off we went last Tuesday with only an hour and a half drive from my daughter Denise's home in Farmington, CT.  The drive is always beautiful as it follows the Farmington River and in particular at this time of year with all of the colorful foliage!

In addition to us being there, Mike's cousin, Walt and his wife, Carol, from Deming, NM were here visiting also. We had just seen them for a couple of days at their home in Deming during our cross country adventure.

Since the weather was pretty punky, we spent the majority of the time just sitting around talking and catching up with what's going on with the "family".  Denise even brought out old photos of parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, kids, etc. So much history!

Our accommodations, as always, are like being in a fairy tale.  They have 2 old silos that have been converted to overnight rental units and we always enjoy the experience!  THANK YOU, Denise & Dennis!!

More time over the weekend spent watching the grandsons and their football and baseball games.  Peter's team won the weekend, single elimination tournament that his team played in. Go Peter!!

Yesterday, Mike's other cousin, Tom, who only lives a few miles from my daughter's, came to Maddox's football game and afterwards we went to a local watering hole to continue our visit.

Just so awesome that we have so much family so close together!!

So I'm going to close now as the wind is really really picking up! YIKES!!

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