Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Stage in CT

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where did the week go!!!  It's getting sooooo close!  Butterflys in the belly, mind going round and round with details that still need to be worked out, and just plain EXCITEMENT!!!

However, we're still enjoying our time left on this beautiful US venture!!

The remaining days we spent with Patti & Mike Owens in MI were pure laziness for me - and I LOVED every moment of it!!  I walked on the beach in the brilliant sunlight, I read in the living room, but decided the Crow's Nest was a much vantage point to see the lake and listen to the Mikes talking away while working hard in the yard! LOL

And, that's exactly what they did!! So much accomplished for the Fall cleanup! My Mike so enjoyed being of help and being able to "give back" for the fabulous accomodations, fine dining, and libations, which we do thoroughly loved!! THANK YOU, Patti & Mike!!

On Thursday morning, we were sent off in better weather than was expected to head off to our last "tourist" destination while on this 3 month US adventure - Niagara Falls!!

We crossed over the border in Port Huron and pointed the car east to the Falls on the Canadian side, which in my opinion has the best vantage point of seeing this wonder of the world.  Arriving in sunlight, we made a bee line straight to the parking. 

Mike had never seen them so that's why it was important to put them on our "bucket list".  He was thrilled that we did!!  They are so magnificent!  Taking the tour "down below", we doned our yellow ponchos and walked the tunnels. Watching the look of joy and wonderment on Mike's face was so satisfying!

Our last leg of driving started in beautiful sunlight allowing us to enjoy the beautiful fall foiliage and splendor of the Finger Lakes in NY.  The drive through all of the small old villages with beautiful old homes was fantastic and, for me, very nostalgic.

However, the last half of the day was spent driving through torrential rain!! We were very happy to arrive safe and sound at the Malario household by 7:30pm!!

The weekend was spent catching up, going to our grandson's football games, and meeting our kid's friends. Love seeing how their lives are full.

On Sunday, Denise & I went to a beautiful Greek wedding of her Goddaughter, Christina. A good time had by all!!

Last night we had family photos taken and they were a huge success!! See for yourselves.

We're off later today to head up to the Berkshire Mountains where Mike's cousin, Denise & Dennis, live.  That's a beautiful story all by itself and will be in the next post.

What's most amazing to me is that our US journey is drawing to a close very quickly!!  I'm sad but then I think of what lays ahead for us!  YIKES, it's here!!

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Unknown said...

Your journey has come so far yet so much left! I would love to see the running list of fine wines you have encountered with a rating and a must try star rating as well! LOL