Friday, October 12, 2012

Chicago Fun!

Friday, October 12, 2012

First, it's my brother, Curt's, birthday today!!!  Happy Birthday!!!

On Tuesday, my birthday, we really just hung out all morning. But, after some lunch, we went and explored the neighborhood with Michele.

We meandered down a historical neighborhood that is full of the remaining "gold coast" old homes that used to line the lake shore all the way north.  There are 2 homes that can be toured but they were closed on that day so we might try and tour them this afternoon.

We walked down to McCormack Place and then headed east toward the river enjoying the sun and all of the architecture that oozes from everywhere here! Mike was taking a picture of one beautifully restored building when this large man belowed across the street for him to stop taking pictures - that is was not allowed!! No signs anywhere to alert you to this fact.  Digital Realty is the company and it's high sensitive stuff they do.

We then made our way across the train tracks and down to Soldier Field, home of the Chicago Bears!! Go Bears!! Mike is an avid over the top fan and I'm a big fan. When I lived here they went and won the Super Bowl. I was very lucky to have been able to go to a couple of play off games in the infamous stadium.

From there we walked along the lake shore and marina enjoying the beautiful skyline and sunny leisure day.

Birthday dinner out at City Tavern, only a few blocks down Michigan from their home. So completely fabulous to be able to walk to goods and services - walkabilty, as we say.  After a terrific dinner we got the pleasure of walking back in the rain without umbrellas. We were a bit soggy by the time we got back.

Wednesday was spent with my girlfriend, Bonnie, and her husband, Jim, out in the burbs. Bonnie and I had been neighbors back in the early 80's and have been good friends ever since! As is her style, it looked like she was expecting 10 of us to arrive for dinner! No one ever goes hungry in her house! Love you, Bonnie, just the way you are!!! We visited all afternoon and into the evening and it went by way too fast.  Again, NO PICTURES!!! How???

Yesterday was a glorious sunny warm day here in the windy city! Mike and I took the bus uptown and got off at Millenium Park in the heart of the city. What a gem that park is!!  Beautiful !!!

From there we just meandered our way north along Michigan Avenue stopping in some of the shops along the way. We bought a computer backpack that was supposed to fit a 17" computer. It was nice and lightweight and was just the ticket for carrying our jackets and purchases for the day.  I'm was also looking for another pair of zip off travel/camp pants so when we saw Eddie Bauer, in we went. Well, lucky Mike!! He found another pair of zip off pants (he has 2 already) and a light weight rain jacket both on sale and great for traveling. I found nothing. LOL

After lunch at the Elephant & Castle Pub, we continued our walk up to the Water Tower and Hancock Bldg.  A truly beautiful city!!

By that time, it was time for us to catch the bus back down to "home" so we could meet Michele and go to Mo's track meet.  Mo runs the 5K and we definitely wanted to see him do his thing!!  He ended up running his all time fastest at 20:18!! Definitely a very good show for a freshman!

However, before we could even get on the road, we discovered that our car had been blocked into its parking space by another car. Only with Michele and Mike's great directions was I able to get it out of there!  We just made it to the meet in the nick of time to see the race from start to finish! Whew!!

A leisure dinner at home last night with quiet time for everyone - very nice!

After discovering that my computer wouldn't fit into the backpack, off we went this morning by car to return it. Since parking isn't the easiest thing to do in the city, Mike dropped me off at the corner and by the time he had made it around the block, I was back for him to pick me up.  Back down to home and lunch at the corner bar & grill, Kroll's, which is the Blackhawk's official bar! Sweet!!

Thoughts of having dinner in Chinatown tonight since it's right down the street. And, since the weather isn't supposed to be all that great tomorrow, plans are up in the air.

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