Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 1 of My Blog

I should have started this blog when the thought of doing this journey first entered into my head. That would have been back at Thanksgiving, 2011. It began to formulate as a way of dealing with many unpleasant matters that were happening in Mike's and my lives.

So I set out to gather and research the idea of us moving to somewhere where we could live debt free with at least the standard of living that we currently enjoy for less on a monthly basis, a stable government, and much less expensive but really good health care.  If we could find such a place, maybe this wasn't going to a futile exercise.

YES, we do enjoy watching House Hunters International. And, YES, it did feed fuel to the fire! And, YES, we do subscribe to International Living. It was ALWAYS a dream of ours to be able to spend 6 months in our own nirvana here on the Kettle River in our beautiful log home and 6 months living somewhere most only dream of going to.

This dream of ours was no longer possible with the current economic situation. or the other had to go.

In early December, 2011, I sat down with Mike and told him I wanted to make a proposal to him. That I wanted him to let me present the whole matter to him and once he heard it, had time to digest it, had time to let it all sink in, then he could say whatever he wished.

Being the gracious and kind friend/spouse that he is, he did just that! So, as I would present any Listing Presentation, I began my presentation with the overall concept, documentation and supporting research results that I had gathered, and layed before him the logic of why doing this journey made so much sense for US!!

With a deep breath and pregnant pause, he looked me in the eye and said...YES, it makes sense and I concur.  WOW!!!  I NEVER expected that at all!!

Mike has lived on this beautiful land for 37 years. He built this home with his own hands and love!! Since I've been here (7/2000), we've created a truly beautiful oasis and embellished upon what was already here.

I think I'm going to stop now as I've gone on too long.  I'll write more in a bit when I can.

And, so the story continues......

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