Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Time!

11:00 PM, Tuesday evening, July 24th

Wow!! What a day busy with packing, cleaning out important paper files, and packing!! Hard night for both of us. Each with our own memories as individuals and each with "together" memories. We want all of our friends that are reading this blog to know that we enjoyed having them here at "our" place. A place that we both created together. Certainly not the place it was when I first arrived. But, a far better embelishment of what it was meant to be.

The stars are bright, the hot tub was refreshing and soothing, the promise of sleep in our own bed for the very last time.... NEVER to sleep in this bed again! Goodbye my friend, goodbye my home, goodbye my/our life here.....


Janet White said...

As they said in "Up": "Adventure is out there!"

Anonymous said...

It's surreal and amazing! Sleep well my dear friends and let the stars shine their bright lights above you both while you dream of the many adventures that lay ahead!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

"Fly... be free...." so excited for you both! Safe and happy travels.