Saturday, November 10, 2012

One Last Day in Paradise!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

As always....where did it go???!!! Yup, our last full day in this beautiful part of the world. But time does move on and we must move with it. So....Panama here we come!!!

I must report that we did a day trip of the southern part of the island on Thursday. We were a bit surprised to find out once we all gathered at the Jeep Tour offices that our tour would NOT be what we thought we bought and were going to see.  Quite a bit disappointed!!  And, we weren't the only ones that thought the same thing!

So off we went to an Ostrich Farm (not something I would have wanted to pay for), the beautiful Baby Natural Bridges carved out of the lava rock on the northern coast waters (beautiful), a rough ride through the back country (not unlike our rural country roads where we lived in WA and some areas a bit rougher but reminded me of Bridgeman Rettinger easement road  - those who are following from WA will understand completely!!!).

Then a stop at the donkey rescue.  They are very sweet but, again, not something I would have paid for to visit. From there we stopped at a cave in the rock on the coast to view ancient drawings and see a few bats. This was quite interesting but the cave gave us no respite from the heat as it was not deep enough to escape the constant heat and constant warming.

Lunch was very good in the town of St. Nichalaas, a hub for all of the schools, the now closed refinery, and much of the local action.  You could definitely tell that the economy has hit them hard, as well. There were many boarded up buildings all around the restaurant. But, the food was delicious and they were even willing to come up north to pick people up for dinner and take them back at no extra charge!

Once lunch was complete, off we went to Baby Beach for snorkel and swimming. Very much a high point of the day!!  The location is just south of the now defunct refinery, so that isn't beautiful to look at but it didn't ruin the beauty of the beach.  Shallow water with extremely white sand and a rock barrier all the way around makes for beautiful aqua colored water and safe swimming/snorkel for a long way.

Friday was a laid back day and we did laundry in the morning in anticipation of our next travels.  More laying around and reading by the pool with a Bingo game thrown in (we didn't win the $128) and walking on the beach. Then a walk on the beach to watch the beautiful sunset and a bit farther to get to town for dinner. 

So today, we're lazing around this morning. Mike & I have decided to walk the several miles down the beach from our place to the Malario's in time for lunch.

Tomorrow will be spent packing in the morning, catching our flight to Panama City at 1:40pm and arrival in PC at 2:40pm, a 2 hr flight.  A bus trip from the airport to Albrook Mall (much like Mall of Americas), purchasing our bus tickets from PC to David (a 6 hr bus trip beginning at midnight - red eye special), and finding things to do to keep awake until our departure while carting around our luggage.

Should be an interesting start to this leg of the journey!!  Will let you know on the next update when we should be safely ensconced in our "home" for the next 3 weeks in Boquete, Panama. Our hosts of our little casita are Canadian Expats and they are picking us up at no extra charge in David, an hours drive from Boquete.  Can't wait!!

Love to all!!!

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