Saturday, November 3, 2012

THIS IS IT !!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Well, we knew this time would come but it always felt sooo far off.  Ha ha!!  Guess time does fly when you're having fun!

We're all packed, have our boarding passes so we're ready to go! Tomorrow morning (yes, we know it's Fall Back time!) at 3:30 AM the alarm will go off and at 4:14 AM we're being picked up by a dear, very dear friend! Who else would get up that early to take us to the airport??

Since Denise, Michael, Peter & Maddox are also going to Aruba with us - actually, it was because they were going that we decided to go with them - and, we have sold our car, we had no way to the airport.  THANK YOU, Lynn Strand!!  Lynn is like a daughter to me and I love every bone in her body!

Our flight leaves at 6:30 AM and we fly through Charlotte arriving in Aruba at 2:40 PM tomorrow.  It was really nice that we were able to get a timeshare just down the road from where Denise and family are staying.  One blissful week with them in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Next Sunday, November 11, 2012, they fly home and we fly on to Panama City!!!

Last when I posted, we were in the throes of Hurricane Sandy.  We got awful wind and rain but our small area of CT somehow survived unscathed with only a few power blips.  It was a suspenseful day/night.  We are thankful for small favors but are saddened for the many thousands who did not escape her wrath.  We can only hope that recovery will come to them all.

Mike turned down work to go to the storm center but our life is now taking a right turn and we decided not to postpone it.

The week was used to prepare for our journey and trying to put "our life" in a lg suitcase, small carryon and a backpack EACH.  That's it for 6 months.

Thursday we drove down to Croton On Hudson to see Mike's Aunt Louise, who is staying with a neighbor who has a generator, for lunch.  Louise has a birthday coming up and we presented her with some of Mike's mother's baubles.  The destruction we saw was quite amazing but not anywhere near what happened on the coast.  Lots of big trees downed over power lines still hanging and live.  We actually had to drive under some of them to keep going, which was a little hair raising!!

We also managed to sell our car on Friday so we have left nothing undone and on the "to do" list.  All done!  New phone number that works worldwide and is a local WA number.  I did email it out to everyone I could think of at the moment but if for some reason you didn't receive my email and want our number, please make a comment on this blog at the bottom OR email me at

So this evening, we will go to one last varsity football game and watch and holler and cheer.  Then home and to bed.  Tomorrow is a whole other story!!

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