Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Time in the US Ended...

On Saturday, July 6, 2013, we boarded a flight from Bradley Airport, CT at 6:05AM and began our new journey that will take us through Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, and Mexico.  But before I begin to tell you about this journey, I need to complete my ramblings about our last 2 weeks in the US. You know this is more for me to document rather than for you to find it interesting. 

It began with a wonderful visit for dinner and the following day with Mike's 92 yr old Aunt Louise and his cousin (her son), Thomas.  We had such a wonderful time just talking about lots of family history and our journey! Louise had taught English in Bolivia in the 1940's, as a single woman. She was truly a pioneer and a fabulous woman role model!! We love her dearly and enjoy every moment we get to spend with her and Tom.

The BIG day finally arrived for our grandson, Peter's, high school graduation!!  Many family and friends gathered for the event and a grand party was had afterwards.  Peter is now officially a college student and will be attending Western Connecticut University in Danbury, CT. 


On Friday, Mike & I took Maddox and his friend, Christian, to lunch and then to see Man of Steel IMAX 3D for Maddox's 9th birthday present.  We all enjoyed the movie tremendously!! A great story told very well!

Baseball games, laying by the pool, and generally just doing the hangin' out at home thing filled the weekend.

A wonderful July 1 spent with Maddox and going to see Mark Twain's beautiful home and grounds and a drive through Hartford, CT to see the State Capitol and its gardens all while it poured and there were tornado warnings!


On Tuesday, July 2, we made our way north to Tyringham, MA, where Mike's cousin, Denise and Dennis, live at the beautiful Santarella Gingerbread Home & Gardens.  We always try and get together with them when we're in CT and stay in one of their beautiful "silo rooms".  This time we stayed in the newly renovated silo and had a spectacular night's sleep!!

Our visit is always fun as we catch up on all kinds of things. There never seems to be a loss for conversation.  The highlight for me was when we went kayaking on Hayes Lake.  As I had never attempted to do this, I was thrilled when I found it to be pretty comfortable for me.  I guess all the canoeing really helped. A glorious excursion around the lake!

After a couple of fun days, back to CT and family time.  A fun 4th of July with friends and family around the pool and a BBQ.  Then off to the fireworks in New Britain!!  Oh my, were they really good!  Lots of boom and flash with a huge crowd.  We had decided to stay longer in CT just so we could share this with family.  Soooo glad we did!

And, then it was time to say our goodbyes for awhile.  Tears and huge hugs but with the promise that all would be well and a hope that they will be able to come see us during our Puerto Vallarta stay next winter.

Hasta luego, mi amigos y amigas!  Our journey continues for the next year.....

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