Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Down Time

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One knows when you can't remember the date or the day of the week that you've finally accomplished the "chilling out" part!!  HaHaHa!!

So before I begin telling you about what we've been up to, I'd like to post pictures of our hosts, Janet & David White, and our temporary "baby", Bear, 4.5 lbs of happy fur in a tea cup Yorkie body!!

Sunday we loafed around the house enjoying quiet coffee, reading and computer time. Did the daily chores of watering the plants and taking Bear for a walk (15 min is all the little guy can handle but it must seem like running a marathon because of his pint size!!).

We were off in the afternoon to meet up with family/friends, Oren, Michele and Mo, here visiting from Chicago. They used to live in Seattle but moved to the mid West 2 years ago.  This was the first time we've had a chance to see them.  In early October, we will actually be staying with them when we go through Chicago to also see Mike's sister, Laura, and our good friends, Bonnie and Jim.

Anyway, we met up with them in Laguna Beach after a very tiring long trip up there in bumper to bumper traffic only due to volume.  Those of you who've lived in congested areas know exactly how it is.

After enjoying the Art Festival at SawDust, we made our way by trolley (free and fabulous!) to town and a great dinner at Brussels Bistro.  We had no reservations and there were 7 of us, so it was just dumb luck that we scored this well!!  Food was just yummy!!  It truly gave us time to catch up and share some great stories!!  Such a treat for all us!

Yesterday we again just hung out at home in the morning.  The mission for the afternoon was to find a vision center to order me a pair of prescription sunglasses.  After an attempt at Target and Walmart in Carlsbad, we finally found a superstore in Oceanside that had one.  I know this must sound like an awful lot of trouble and why couldn't we just go to the local vision store, well....Walmart has extremely great prices so well worth the trouble!!  Anyway, mission accomplished!!  My new JLo brand frames will arrive next week!!

We then were off to Mike's uncle's place for a nice long visit with him and the cousins plus Linda, Alex' significant other!  A little beer, a little wine and we were all merry!!

Today we've been working on - well - work!  I've had some catching up to do there and Mike is working on chronicling his rare and old first edition books that we've carried along with us. He's hoping to find a good place that will tell us if they have any value at all.  If so, we're going to sell them.

Thought we might go walk the beach later but it's really clouded up so we might just go walk "the Village" of Carlsbad and see if we can't get into some trouble.  That means I want to shop since I'm looking for a few specific items for our trip to Central America where it'll be hot and humid the whole time.

So there you have it!!  Life's getting pretty mundane and we're loving every moment of this down time!

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