Sunday, August 26, 2012

The End of Week 4

Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting out on the patio in the beautiful sun having my morning coffee while Mike does his exercises and morning routine. Ahhhhhhh!!  Life's really good!!

We're firmly ensconced in our new temporary home here in Carlsbad, CA. We took our hosts to the airport at 4:30 am yesterday. By now they have arrived in Barcelona Spain to begin their beautiful journey through the Mediterranean.  Happy travels Janet and Dave!!  Thank you for giving us this fabulous opportunity to pet sit Bear!!  We are already in love with him!!

To play a little catch up - again - Thursday we made it to Santa Barbara for lunch at the Harbour! Any time I can be on water, I'm a happy camper. We had to wait for a table on the patio. It it was well with it for the sun, breeze, and spectacular view!  And, the food was outstanding, as well!

From there we headed inland with a destination of Pine Mountain Club, CA a must do! My friend, client, and Realtor, Pam McCain, lives and has her business there.  So wanted to see her and in her own domain. As she has a small Inn above her offices, we were graciously offered one of the rooms. WOW!!  If anyone decides to go to this beautiful community in the mountains, you MUST stay here!!  The rooms are fabulous and very reasonable!!

After giving each other lots of hugs and kisses and meeting Grace, her sweet pup, we settled in with a drink on the balcony overlooking the common area garden/park. After running some errands, Pam picked us up and we had a delightful meal on her patio at her home. A great way to end the day and catch up   Its wonderful when you are such good friends that you just pick up where you left off from the last visit. 

The following morning we had breakfast at the Clubhouse with her and met her good friend, Beverly. A great way to start the day!  Thank You Pam for your gracious hospitality!!

So off we went further south and through LA as quickly as possible on Hwy 5. That's not easy for novices, let me tell you!! Thank you Mr. GPS for keeping me in the correct lane to navigate through the maze successfully and with no missteps!!

With a few hours to kill before our designated ETA for the day, we made our way back over to the coast at Newport Beach. A stroll along the shops and Pier, we ended up at the Pub & Grill at the end of the pier for a snack and drinks overlooking the ocean!  Stunning views of the town Boardwalk, beach, and water views. I never tire of it!

We drove again all along the ocean until we reached Carlsbad, our final destination, right on time.  We were greeted with much more hugs and kisses and hello barking from Bear, our new temporary "baby", a 4.5 lb Yorkie.  We fell in love immediately!  Bear is the reason we will be here for 3 glorious weeks while house and Bear sitting for our hosts, Janet and Dave White.  THANK YOU!! A determined win win for all of us!!

So we are now just enjoying some real down time in a real home.  This was also a real destination for us on our journey because Mike's 95 yr old Uncle Donald and cousins, Alex and Donny, live here also. We will be able to see them and have a good visit rather than just snitches and snatches when we only get to visit for a couple of days.

Today we're off to Laguna Beach to visit and meet up with other family/friends who are visiting the area also from Chicago!  great timing!!


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