Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's ONLY August 3rd!!

I guess it's really only Thursday, August 3rd but I feel like a lifetime has happened already since we've left.  Reason???? Certainly NOT happening the way I/we thought!!

But, first let me back track! Yesterday was a GREAT in comparison to today. We slept late, went and had a massage at the local Asian hole in the wall, lunch at a small patio bistro and then walked to Gastown. We'd never been in that part of town before and it was simply charming! The hardest part was not being in the buying mode since we've just sold everything and don't have a place for anything. EXCEPT, I bought a great travel purse in bright green, no less!! What a surprise!!

After walking for hours and enjoying every moment, a leisure drink at the local Public House and getting a little gussied up - we took the water taxi across the bay to Granville Island. (A little side step here -- So funny how the names of the new owners of our home is Granville and we're staying on Granville St. and going to Granville Island!!)

After a wonderful dinner and stretching a bottle of wine between us for over 2 hours, the fireworks began!!  They were magnificent!!

I think you get the gist of how awesome it was!!  We were absolutely delighted with getting to finally see them!

Now, for the drama! All was well when we went to bed last night. Albeit, that Mike had "sort of" complained about a hitch in his getta long each morning. But it seemed to dissipate during the day and by night it was none existent. So all seemed well.  HaHaHa!!

At 8:30am this morning, Mike couldn't move and was in excruciating pain!!  And, I mean EXCRUCIATING and DEBILITATING!!!  The ONLY thing to do was call the ambulance and have him transported to the hospital. NOT a pretty sight!!

I'm not going to go through the whole day with the details but let's just say that I finally checked us into our "new" hotel at 7:00pm this evening.  During this day we spent many an hour worried for what the doctor kept saying would be a life altering moment.  I thought we had just gone through that!!

After many hours, we found out that the CT scan was NOT showing any real issue. That, in fact, Mike had exactly what he kept telling them....a severe muscle spasm!! That was the really good news!!

I MUST say that ALL of the doctors, nurses, PA's, and related staff were FANTASTIC in the ER!!! I think they got sick of us being there too!!

Mike is now feeling better but sore, drugged up and feeling like life will get back to normal.  I'm feeling totally exhausted but grateful all turned out well. I was there for him for better or worse and that's what a marriage and loving someone is all about!

I am grateful that we will be able to continue on our journey with just a hiccup in the schedule. Mike will continue to recoup on our Alaskan cruise. Actually, with the pool and hot tubs and lounge chairs on deck available, it's probably a much better place for him to be for a week than in a car!! 

So,'s really good!! :)

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