Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh What A Party!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

After Mike and I spent the morning at a leisure pace catching up on things and doing some laundry, we decided to head over to Healdsburg and play "tourist".  We'd been to the town several times but had never spent any time just strolling around and window shopping. So that's what we did after having a wonderful lunch at the local Bear Republic Brewery. I do believe many brewery stops are going to be a part of this journey!!

The highlight of Saturday, however, was going out with Lily & Bret to Aubergine After Dark in Sebastopol.  They were having quite the caberet show and we attended in costume!!  Ladies doing aeral acts, hoolahoop dancing, fire performance, great band, etc., etc.!!

A good time had to come to an end around midnight!  Paid the price for it the next day.  Just not able to party this hearty any more!!!

Below is a picture of our "cabin" that we called home for 3 nights at Bret & Lily's.  Thank You!!

On Saturday, August 18, we headed over to Modesto to meet up with our grandson, Azuriah, and take him to lunch.  It was fortunate for us that there was an UNO Chicago Pizza restaurant right around the corner from where he lives.  Mike and I hadn't been to one in years and Azi hadn't been to it either.  So off we went for lunch!  Had a wonderful time catching up!

We then hit the road again and headed for Santa Cruz. Actually we were off to see friends, Pat & Larry Worley from Colville past. They live in Ben Lomond just north of Santa Cruz and even though we had just called them that morning, they were gracious enough to cancel plans and cooked us a delightful tasting dinner. 

What a sweet place they have!! Their 1920's home is gorgeous after their renovations and with all of the gardens in bloom, it was like being in paradise!!

They were even gracious enough to invite us to spend the night and we happily accepted!!  Another beautiful evening catching up with friends!!

This morning, Sunday, August 19, off we all went for a delightful breakfast at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz.  The morning turned out to be beautiful and sunny and actually did warm up while we were out on the patio enjoying our luscious breakfast!

But actually before we even made it to Santa Cruz, Larry & Pat treated us to a tour of their artist coop facility right in Ben Lomond.  What a gem to have in the community!  Larry is quite the basket weaver and Pat does amazing things with fabric!!  Here's a small sampling to enjoy.

They then gave us a quick tour through Santa Cruz and a quick stop at their other showroom before we headed back south along the coast.  We arrived in Monterey after several side trips down meandering coast roads about 1:30 pm.

Finding a parking space pretty quickly in the Cannery Row area, off we went to do some sight seeing.  Unfortunately, after doing a bit of walking and having a drink stop overlooking the bay, I developed a huge headache.  We then headed back to the car and did a little driving around town before checking into our hotel.

So I took a small nap and am now doing the blog while Mike is working on downloading his pictures from his camera to his computer.  We've decided to eat some left overs and chill for the evening.  Since we're spending another day and night here, there seems to be no need to push the headache issue.

Nite, nite!!

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Anonymous said...

You are in one of our favorite CA coastal towns,our son was married there in 2009 :D
You must go have a dinner at Chart House, great food and good service.....ask for a window seat!